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«We create magical moments with balloons for you»

sarahi balloons
sarahi balloons

Our Certifications

Aidnelsy Colina, our director is internationally certified as a Qualatex Balloon Artist AQB (Artista Qualificado do Balão), in the United States by QBN (Qualatex Balloons Network), she is currently training in the Certified Balloon Artist (CBA) program, a certification program for global balloon professionals. world, with the purpose of making Sarahi Balloons a company dedicated to decorating with the art of balloons at social and business events in Naples, Florida.

sarahi balloons
sarahi balloons
sarahi balloons

About Sarahi

We started by decorating magical spaces with the art of balloons at parties and events for those who rent the inflatable castles from the clients of our family business Chipmunk Bounce Houses. In the year 2021, we decided to separate our businesses and associate in a new company and thus «Sarahi Balloons, Desing & Stores LLC» was born, with the mission of creating magical moments to keep customers happy, satisfied and excited with our designs and decorations. of balloons.

Our Partner

Chipmunk Bounce Houses LLC, is our company, a family company created by the Jiménez Colina spouses, with inflatable rental services positioned today in Naples, Florida after ups and downs, many hours of work, love, passion and desire to do well. , as a team, good service, attention and excellence.

Our partner is dedicated to the rental of inflatable castles, slides and bounce houses, chairs, tables, cotton candy machines, for social and corporate events, we are an excellent, exciting and healthy alternative in the entertainment of your children, family, friends and collaborators.

Wholesale Representative


As part of the growth of our companies Chipmunk Bounce House and Sarahi Balloons, we made a commercial alliance with the Spanish company Balloonia Balloons for the exclusive sale of its brand.

We are exclusive wholesale representatives of Balloonia Balloons brand balloons from Spain from Naples, Florida to the Port of Charlotte.

Ballonia balloons are of the highest quality and we have a wide variety of colors.

Happy Customers

«Happy to have you creating magical spaces for us».

- Eleanette Pérez

«In love with your creations».

- Eileen Garcia

«The best of the best, spectacular creation».

- Nore

sarahi balloons

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